Saturday, September 21, 2013

Blog Post #5

Icurio Video


  1. Your iCurio presentation was very insightful and interactive. I can definitely tell you did your research. You were very thorough in describing and explaining i Curio; as well as taking me step by step on how to work iCurio. I liked the pictures that accompanied the slides, which by the way were not overwhelming at all. Well done!

  2. What is on Slide 6 other than a heading?

    The assignment was: "Prepare a video, a Google Presentation or a Prezi answering the question How Can iCurio and Discovery Ed Be Used Effectively in Your Instruction? ... and demonstrating the use of iCurio." How well do you think you did that? You could omit Discovery Ed.

  3. Slide 6 has two bullets with information. It does eventually pop up but I can see that the text is delayed longer than normal. My intentions were to slow the slide down so my audience would be able to read all the information. I will certainly go back into google and fix this issue.

    I felt that I explained how I could use Icurio in my future classroom because it was a great up to date program. I also focused on how this program could better prepare my students for college. I feel that I answered the part about Icurio being used effectively under my instruction, but I could have given my readers more information about demonstrating the use of Icurio.