Wednesday, September 11, 2013

C4T #1

My teacher that I was assigned to is Ms. Andrea Hernandez. She teaches fourth and fifth grade language arts in Florida. Her students use technology in the classroom on a regular basis, like the ipad for example. She also has a very interesting No Homework Policy which I think you will find to be a very neat blog post. However with that said, she does encourage her students to read and write at home regularly. You should certainly check out her blog for yourself. It is very informative and creative with technology.

C4T Comment 1

The first week I commented on the blog Five Apps I'm using in my Classroom. In the blog she explains that she is an elementary teacher who has an ipad friendly learning environment for her students. She lets her children use apps such as words with friends which is an educational game that associates with spelling. She has a set of guidelines for her students that only allows them to use their electronic devices for educational purposes. She also uses pandora and lets her kids listen to soothing music while they work on their assignments.

C4T Comment 2

I Hope You Like It! was the second blog post by Andrea Hernandez that I commented on. Andrea discusses in the beginning how we are always receiving information whether it is from a social media site or an email subscription. We all decipher which pieces of information are worth our time and for the most part it is a personal choice. We all tend to look for information that is meaningful and can benefit us in different ways. Andrea also takes the time to talk about how more teachers and students should blog. I have to say that I completely agree with this. Blogging allows people to connect, learn, and create. As Andrea states, "We are all writing and creating for our readers," and we simply want our readers to enjoy what we talk about.

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