Saturday, November 23, 2013

C4K Summary (November)

C4K #1

I was assigned to a seventh grader named Porscha who attends Pt England school. Her blog was called My Planning and it was a picture of a girl opening her lunchbox only to find out that nothing was in it.

I commented on her post saying I enjoyed her cute story line. She did a great job on her different shots that she drew. Keep up the great work!

C4K #2

This week I commented on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog Post Dr. and Mrs. Strange Visit. Dr. Strange and Mrs. Yollis have been blogging each other for a while now and were finally able to meet in person. Dr. Strange was really interested to see Mrs. Yollis' students use blogging and ipads to enhance their learning. Mrs. Yollis' students began by asking Dr. Strange and his wife open-ended questions. After the introductions, students separated into groups to work on their projects. Some students demonstrated their typing skills using the AlphaSmart typing program, while others worked on a project using puppetpals. Puppetpals allows the students to publish really interesting videos. They can choose a picture of anything and simply insert it into the video. Mrs. Yollis had two great examples on her blog of the puppetpal videos her students had created. The students that did not create puppetpal videos were blogging, which meant every student had a project to work on.

I commented on the blog post saying that I was excited to see that her and Dr. Strange finally met after blogging for quite some time now. I can tell it was a great experience for you both. Dr. Strange has taught us so much about technology and how we can incorporate it into our future classrooms. It is neat to see that Mrs. Yollis does use 21st century learning skills in her class and it has positive effects on her students. As a future educator, I cannot wait to use some of these techniques in my classroom. I really liked the picture of her student using the AlphaSmart typing program because I have never seen this device before. What a great technological tool to use! Overall, this post was very interesting and I can tell that her students really do enjoy learning in her class.

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