Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy’s Approach to the Use of Technology in the Classroom

For this week's blog post Dr. Strange required our EDM310 class to watch a few videos regarding Ms. Cassidy's approach to the use of technology in the classroom. The first video talks about how her students use technological tools in the classroom. The other videos consisted of a three-part interview with Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy. Dr. Strange's EDM310 class is also part of the interview as well. They discuss many topics pertaining to technology in the classroom.

In Ms. Cassidy's video called Little Kids...Big Potential her first graders use blogs, webpages, wikis, video, Skype and Nintendo DS to share, collaborate and learn in their classroom. I was completely shocked after watching these first graders and learning how technologically literate they were. This was absolutely amazing because when I was in first grade I did not have this advantage. These children were so excited about blogging and becoming better writers. They were educated on how to properly comment on other people's blogs and knew not to say mean things. They even used skype to talk to other classrooms and experts. Ms. Cassidy's class is an amazing example on how to use technology successfully in your classroom. This inspiring video made me realize as a future educator I have to always incorporate new teaching techniques in my lesson plans and take advantage of technology.

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part I

The first interview video I watched talked about how Ms. Cassidy got so involved into technology. She said ten years ago she was given five computers in her classroom and she started on her technology journey. She was able to get some release time and funding to assist her in this journey. She started to work on web pages and get involved in blogging. Her journey turned out to be a wonderful success because she now has a tremendous support system behind her. Ms. Cassidy states, "Technology is not going to go away, it is here to stay." She believes that every teacher needs to be technological literate to be adequate for students. She leaves off with the statement that "We have to keep learning." We have to stay in touch with technology and find out what way works best for us.

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part II

In the second interviews Ms. Cassidy tells people where to begin with technology. She says to begin with what your interested in. For example, if videos interest you then sign up for a youtube account. Everybody is different and their is no specific method to follow. You simply have to find out what way works best for you and keep exploring till you find that method.

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part III

The last interview video that I watched involved the EDM310 students asking Ms. Cassidy questions. One of the first questions was asked by a physical ed major who asked, "How often do you use blogging in your classroom?" She answers by saying it depends on the time of year, but typically twice a week. Another question was "Do you fear that access to the internet increases cheating?" Ms. Cassidy said she does not feel like this is an issue. She says the educator needs to ask specific questions so cheating is not possible. However, she also states that the internet helps you to collaborate and "piggy-back" off of others work. This is not cheating and is actually beneficial. The questions that the students asked were great and Ms. Cassidy answered them very efficiently.

After watching each individual video I really learned a lot from Ms. Cassidy. She really puts a lot of time and effort into her lesson plans for her students. Being an educator is not always easy, but it is well worth it. She really makes a great point when she states that technology is never going away and we need to learn how to use it. This statement could not be more true and she does a great job in her classroom. I still cannot get over how much her students use technology and they are only first graders. Ms. Cassidy is a very motivational person and her hard work clearly inspires education systems worldwide. I look forward to using technology in my classroom and I will definitely be a blogging teacher. I want to allow my students to sample as many technological tools as possible. I want my students to be technologically literate so they will be better prepared for the real world.


  1. You summarized each of your videos very well. I liked the way you spoke about how technologically literate Mrs. Cassidy's students are, and how amazing it is. I was shocked too, because just like you said, we did not have those opportunities. Your post was very well written. The only change I would make is adding tag-alt modifiers to your pictures.

  2. I apologize for being a little late with my comment.

    First off, good post!! I only saw a few mistakes that need to be corrected.

    1. "every teacher needs to be technological literate"; It should be "technologically literate".
    2. "begin with what your interested in"; That "your" should be "you're" because it's the contraction of "you are".
    3. "their is no specific method to follow"; That "their" should be "there".