Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project #14

Project Based Learning

This lesson plan addresses a presentation about the aftermath of the Holocaust on the Jewish culture and is intended for twelfth grade students. A period of two weeks is needed for preparation. Students will be divided into six groups with four in each. They can present their project by google presentation, prezi, youtube, or any other tool listed in the instructions. Students will be required to present their group presentation to the class. I will also offer extra credit if your group interviews a survivor from the Holocaust and incorporates the audio segment in the project.

Project Overview
Project Calendar
Project Rubric


  1. Kristie, I really liked your lesson plan! The community resource for extra credit is a really good idea and I think the Holocaust is a great lesson to implement presentations because of its importance in history. The only problem I see is with the rubric. When it comes to grading with rubrics, percentage with volume and speech is really hard to grade. Other than that, great post!

  2. I apologize for being late with my comment.

    First, your project calender is not up to par. It does not state what students will be doing each day and for how much time they will be working on the project each day. It simply says what the students should know or have done at that point.

    Second, you don't clearly state with standards will be addressed during this project. This is important!

    Third, your rubric is hard to grade with. As Daniel said, percentage with volume and speech is not something that is specifically defined, so grading based on that is going to be difficult.

    Lastly, these lesson plans shouldn't be written in second person, where you're directly addressing the students. They should be written in third person!

    It was a good idea, but the lesson plan needs some work!