Saturday, October 12, 2013

C4T #2

C4T #1

In Doug Peterson's post Better Blogging he discusses how he did not always favor writing, but now that he is older his outlook has changed. He talks about how he enjoys writing and blogging now. However, he confesses that he is not that fond of proofreading and this tends to be very normal for most people. Doug begins his next paragraph with a question to his readers asking "What proofreading techniques work best when using blogs in the classroom?" Doug's blog post is intended to stir up your thought process and have you think about all the different ways you can become better at blogging.

I commented on his post and said that this really made me ponder. I also mentioned that I had recently learned about proofreading techniques in my EDM310 class and as individuals you really have to learn what works best for you. I spoke about how I had recently starting blogging and I truly enjoy it. Blogging is a technique I am going to use in my future classroom and I will be sure to teach many different proofreading methods as well. Overall, I found his blog to be very interesting and we all have similar questions like Mr. Peterson had.

C4T #2

In Doug Peterson's post Classroom Management Challenge he talks about how to quiet down a class. He mentions an article called "15 Creative & Respectful Ways to Quiet a Class" that provides a list of different techniques that deal more towards the elementary age group. His Twitter friend Linda Aragoni steps in and asks what techniques could be aimed towards the older age groups. Mr. Peterson discusses how he gives his kids the ownership of the society curriculum requirement and this tends to keep them focused on all the work they have to do. He also stated that just because a class is noisy does not necessarily indicate that it is "bad noise." He said that sometimes there is nothing better than students working in groups and discussing topics. These are noises that should not be affiliated with the disruptive one's.

I commented on his blog saying that this was a great topic to write about because it is a popular issue that many teachers deal with on a regular basis. I stated that I agreed with his Twitter friend Ms. Aragoni when she said most of the techniques mentioned in the article were aimed towards the young age group instead of older. However, it seemed that Mr. Peterson handled his older age group quite well from reading his blog post. I also agreed with how he stated that not all noises are considered "Bad Noises." Students are supposed to debate and work together among groups, which means at times your classroom will be filled with noise. His blog was very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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