Thursday, October 3, 2013

PLN Project #2 Progress Report #1

I have had a really great experience with PLN so far. For the first time, I made an account on Symbaloo and found it to be a very easy tool to use. Symbaloo provides easy access to the sites that you constantly use and keeps them organized in one specific area. I added some of the websites that I use on a daily basis such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. I also added an educational website that I use currently at my college called USA Online and the majority of students use this on a daily basis. This site has links to our online homework, power points, and displays our grades. On Symbaloo, I also added some other educational tiles that I recently learned about and I hope to use them in the future. I added Icurio and Edmodo.

These few tiles may be a small start, but I definitely plan on continuing to build my Symbaloo account. I absolutely love the organization of this site and I found it to be a very useful resource. I will certainly use this in the future because I believe it would be very beneficial to my future career.

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