Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project #13 Lesson Plan One

Project Based Learning

Authors: Kynyetta Barren, Kristie Bell, Douglas Jarvis

This lesson plan addresses a presentation on the History of the United States and is intended for students in the twelfth grade. A period of two weeks is needed for preparation. Our students will be divided into six groups with four in each. Students will have the option to choose which century or historic event they would like as long as it evolved the United States in some way. The students must use the search engine iCurio for their research. They can present their project by a powerpoint, poster, youtube, re-enactment, or any other tool we have listed in the instructions. Finally, students will be required to present their group presentation to the class.

Project Overview

Project Calendar

PBL Rubric

1 comment:

  1. Three questions: How are you going to assess the project and with what rubric? What about reflection techniques? How much time a day to do this project? The entire class period?

    Good use of BIE forms and I am delighted to see you created a website using Google sites.

    And another question: why bother with PowerPoint? It costs money and has no advantage over Google Docs that I am aware of.

    Be prepared to present during the mandatory classes.