Thursday, October 3, 2013

C4K Summary Post (September)

C4K #1

The first student I was assigned to was The Ginger Kid who wrote a blog post called This I Believe. His post was about games and the impact they had on his life. He discusses how he believes in games and their abilities to bring people closer together and work along side each other. In the post he also talks about how he has been going to leadership and teamwork camps over the past few years and how they use games to learn how to work together. After, reading this post I can certainly tell that this is something he is truly passionate about and believes in.

I left a comment on this blog post saying that I thought this was a really neat post! I talked about how important teamwork and leadership skills are and that these are great skills to possess. The fact that he participates in a camp like this is absolutely wonderful and will really help him in his path to success. Overall, I really enjoyed learning about his experience at this kind of camp and that he should keep up his great attitude.

C4K #2

My second assignment was to comment on Hallie's blog Try and Guess What I Am!. She had to write a point of view blog and I had to identify which one she used. She used first person and her post was about the ocean. The blog post was about coral, seaweed, and even a shark. It seems that everybody was stumped on trying to figure out what is was and my best guess was a Mermaid.

I commented on Hallie's post and said that she used very descriptive sentences in her post and that helped me to paint a vivd image in my head. I thought it was an interesting post and told her to keep up the good work.

C4k #3

My third comment was for a fifth grader named Harlem who attends Pt England school. His blog post was called Ask Eddie and he used google drawings to tell us about a powhiri. A powhiri is a welcoming ceremony and it can be held anywhere in New Zealand. People sing and even say speeches during these ceremonies.

I commented saying that I loved his blog! It was very creative and taught me something new because I have never heard of these ceremonies before. I also liked the picture that he used for his blog post and I told him to keep up the great work!

C4k #4

My kid that I was assigned to this week was a girl named Emily who is in Mr. Rhodus's Sixth Grade Class. Her blog post was called Do Birds Get Shocked When They Sit On Wires!. In her post she lets her audience know that birds do not get shocked because their cells and tissues do not offer electrons.

I commented on her post saying that it is neat how birds do not get shocked when they sit on wires. I also said that is a great thing because it keeps the birds from getting injured. I thought her blog post was very informative and interesting.

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