Sunday, November 3, 2013

C4K Summary Post (October)

C4K #1

My student I was assigned was enrolled in an online AP Government course and her blog was called A Unique Perspective on the Past, Present, & Future. In her post she talks about how her class has covered topics ranging from the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to the conflict in Syria. She mentions how important it is to understand the significance and purpose of these documents. She states, "The Constitution and Declaration of Independence is essential because they are the basis of American government." In her post she informs her readers that she loves classes such as these, because they incorporate current events. She leaves off her post with a personal statement about herself that says she plan on majoring in political science in college and her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer.

I commented on her post saying that I really enjoyed reading her blog post especially since I am a history major. She certainly gave me a deeper insight with her informative post. I agree completely about how more people need to understand the purpose and significance of these documents. I can tell she is really passionate about this class and that she will have fun learning about this subject. I also like that she is so concerned about her future and it sounds like she is on the path to success.

C4K #2

I was assigned to the student Lillian in Mrs. Hartooni's seventh grade science class. In her blog post My First Day of School she talks about how nervous she was walking into her first period class. She started to feel a little better after she realized her friend was in the same class. Her science class turned out to be a great experience because she finds this subject to be very interesting. Lillian's first day of school turned out to be a huge success and she was no longer nervous anymore.

I commented on her post and said that I enjoyed reading her post! I believe everyone can relate to her post about being nervous on the first day of school. I am in college and I still get nervous about the first day each semester. I always feel better after I get settled into my new classes and see some familiar faces. I think it is awesome that you love learning about new and interesting things! Keep up the great work and attitude because it will help you succeed in life.

C4K #3

I was assigned to Reety in Mr. So's second grade class and her blog was called My Hero Is My Mom. In her post she discusses that a hero is someone that is always by your side to rescue you. Reety says this is why she chose her mom as her hero because she saves her all the time. She talks about how her mom can always turn her frown into smile when she is feeling down. Reety says her mom is the best hero ever and she will never change her choice.

I commented on her post saying that I loved reading your blog post. My mom is definitely my hero too and I look up to her so much. Mother’s are great heroes to have and they are always there to help us! Your post was very heartwarming and it sounds like you have a wonderful mom! Keep up the awesome work Reety!

C4K #4

I was assigned to Dayton in Mrs. Geldes's fourth grade class and his blog post was called the The Unwanted. In his blog post he told a story from a pumpkin's point of view and it was very funny. He talked about being the pumpkin who was picked last and once he was finally chosen he was excited. However, the pumpkin's excitement did not last long when he figured out that he was going to be carved like the other pumpkins. He says after the pumpkin dies he becomes the headless horse man and comes back to haunt the people who carve pumpkins.

I commented on his post saying that it was very funny and I enjoyed reading it. He has an awesome imagination which is wonderful for telling stories. I really love Halloween so this was a great topic to write about. Keep up the creative work Dayton!

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